Press Releases

Date Title  
Jul 2006 Pomona Electronics introduces a comprehensive BNC adapter kit for broadcast engineers Read!
Apr 2006 Pomona Electronics Introduces New Test Products Catalog Read!
Mar 2006 Pomona Electronics’ Coaxial LAN Test Accessory Kit ensures technicians will be ready for any test application Read!
Nov 2005 Pomona Electronics introduces the first XLR adapter with triple binding post and RJ11 connectors Read!
Jul 2005 Pomona Electronics Introduces New Broadcast Line Read!
May 2005 Pomona Electronic Test Clips Maintain Maximum Contact Read!
May 2005 Pomona Electronics Miniature Banana Plugs Ideal for Tight Workspaces Read!
Nov 2004 Spring Loaded Binding Posts built for speed Read!
Oct 2004 Pomona Electronics thinks outside the box Read!
Mar 2004 Pomona Electronics introduces new test probes with screw-on alligator clips Read!
Mar 2004 Pomona Electronics debuts new low-ohm Kelvin Lead Set Read!
Nov 2003 Pomona Electronics debuts a series of Do-it-yourself test leads with CAT III 1000V safety rating Read!
Sep 2003 Pomona Electronics announces new BNC Connectors for easier connections and premium performance Read!
Jun 2003 Pomona Electronics announces new differential Oscilloscope Probe for electronics design, test and service. Read!
May 2003 New Full Line Catalog from Pomona Electronics presents the world’s broadest range of test accessories Read!
Mar 2003 Pomona Electronics Introduces Complete Family of CAT III, 1000 Volt, 10 Amp Rated Alligator Clip Test Accessories Read!
Nov 2002 Pomona Electronics introduces a new extended length insulation Piercing Test Probe. The probes feature assured contact integrity and burn resistance for testing in near-impossible locations Read!
Aug 2002 Pomona Electronics new retractable tip test probes offer sharp hardened tips for accessing hard-to-reach test areas without disassembly of parts Read!
Mar 2002 Pomona Electronics 500 MHz Microline oscilloscope probes allow easy access to hard-to-reach test points in high frequency, high-density circuits Read!
Jan 2002 Pomona Electronics has introduced a new series of SMD Microtip™ test probe sets offering easy tip replacement without probe removal Read!
Nov 2001 Pomona Electronics new wire-piercing alligator clip test leads eliminate the need for insulation stripping and significantly reduce automotive test time Read!
Sep 2001 Announcing the first full-line Pomona accessories catalog Read!
Aug 2001 Pomona Electronics introduces Oscilloscope Probes featuring easily replaceable tips for testing of high-density chip leads Read!
May 2001 Pomona Electronics’ new line Banana Plug and Jack feature secure wire connections and voltage protection for safe handling. Read!
Mar 2001 Pomona Electronics Patch Cord features color-coded offset ground plug for improved connection speed and wiring accuracy Read!
Jan 2001 Pomona Electronics Introduces Self-Adjusting, Easy-to-Use Insulation Piercing Test Clips for Variety of Field Test and Measurement Applications Read!
Dec 2000 Pomona Electronics Introduces Multi-Compatible, Easy to Assemble Panel Mount Banana Jacks for Custom Test and Measurement Set-Ups Read!
Sep 2000 On-line catalog details complete range of Test & Measurement accessories in 3 languages Read!
Sep 2000 Unique test kits match performance of manufacturers’ DMMs and Oscilloscopes Read!
Jul 2000 Pomona Electronics introduces BNC 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable with insulated push-on connectors Read!
Apr 2000 Pomona Electronics offers easy-to-use Kelvin Probe Set for accurate, repeatable resistance measurement testing Read!
Dec 1999 Pomona Electronics offers time-saving Test Companion™ Kit for accurate testing with Keithley Meters Read!
Nov 1999 Free DMM Test Leads offered with Temperature Probe purchases Read!
Nov 1999 Pomona Electronics' Infrared Temperature probe quickly converts your DMM into a non-contact thermometer. Read!
Oct 1999 Pomona Electronics' Precision Electronic Probe Offers Probing Solution for High Density IC Leads Read!
Aug 1999 Pomona Electronics offers time-saving Test Companion™ Kits for accurate testing with Amprobe meters Read!
Aug 1999 Pomona's Precision Electronic Probe sets a new standard for accuracy and adaptability Read!
Aug 1999 Pomona's new Test Probe Set features a combination of new styling, new materials and IEC1010 compliance Read!
Aug 1999 Pomona introduces new SMI-specific industrial strength DMM Test Accessory Kits Read!
Aug 1999 Pomona's new line of Temperature Probes provide fast, accurate readings for a variety of electronic and industrial applications Read!
Aug 1999 Pomona Electronics' new Micro SMD Grabber® Test Clip family offers easy, cost-effective solution for fine pitch IC testing Read!
Jul 1999 Pomona Test and Measurement Accessories Launched in Europe Read!
Jul 1999 Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation Read!