Press release: PE 1097

Pomona Electronics introduces the first XLR adapter with triple binding post and RJ11 connectors

XLR to RJ11 provides easy phone connections for broadcast applications

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Pomona Electronics, the leading manufacturer of cable assemblies, connectors, and test accessories, announces the introduction of the first XLR/Triple Binding Post/RJ11 adapter. Constructed with rugged molded exterior, the new XLR to RJ11 adapter simplifies connections to phone lines for ring down tests of audio lines or for phone communications across audio cables.

The XLR/Triple Binding Post/RJ11 features gold-plated pins and binding posts for excellent connectivity. The three colour-coded, five-way binding posts (for high, low and ground terminals) accept bare wires via the through-holes, alligator clips, spade lugs, and single, dual or triple banana plugs connected either vertically or horizontally thanks to the inch spacing between banana jacks. The variety of connector options makes it easy to split out signals from the XLR audio conductors.

"Pomona's new XLR provides easy connection of phones to the audio cables, eliminating the need to splice together an ad hoc adapter," said Pomona Marketing Manager Dwight Hyland. "This new capability simplifies broadcast connectivity and delivers an extremely reliable way to split out audio signals."

The XLR/Triple Binding Post/RJ11 is part of Pomona's comprehensive line of premium-grade connectors and components for all broadcast segments, including High Def and digital video, audio and home entertainment. The connector is available from most general electronics and broadcast specialty distributors in a four configurations: models 7288 (male) and 7289 (female) XLR/Triple Binding Post to RJ11 connectors and 7286 (male) and 7287 (female) XLR/Triple Binding Post connectors.

Pomona Electronics broadcast products are available from general electronics and broadcast specialty distributors.