Press release: PE1086


New Full Line Catalog from Pomona Electronics presents the world’s broadest range of test accessories

1086.jpg (13228 bytes)Presenting the world’s broadest range of electronic test accessories, the new 50th edition Full Line Catalog from Pomona Electronics covers everything from individual connectors in virtually every size to coaxial cables, connectors and companion kits for leading test tool manufacturers. The new 100-page full-color catalog contains over 3,000 products, meeting virtually all accessory needs for electronic testing from a single, complete source.

New products in this 50th edition Pomona product catalog include differential oscilloscope probes, safety test probes, coax adapters and audio/video connectors. Major Pomona product lines include test leads and probes, plugs and jacks, multimeter accessories and kits, coax cables and connectors, patch cords, IC test clips, adapters and many more.

Simplifying the task of choosing the right accessories, easy-to-use selection guides help users find the most suitable models or kits for many specific instrument brands and types. Next to the catalog, users can also select their accessories on-line from the Pomona website at The full catalog can be downloaded from the site in PDF format, as can individual catalog pages and detailed product data.

Applications for Pomona accessories range from test laboratories to field service, maintenance and manufacturing. Pomona accessories give T&M professionals everything they need to connect to any unit under test.