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Pomona Electronics Introduces Complete Family of CAT III, 1000 Volt, 10 Amp Rated Alligator Clip Test Accessories



Continuing its commitment to provide the latest in test accessories to meet evolving electrical and electronic test requirements, Pomona Electronics has introduced a complete family of flexible boot alligator test clip products. The new offering is the first true family of medium size alligator test clip accessories to be introduced to the industry with CAT III, 1000V, 10 amp rating.

Adaptable to meet a variety of test needs, these test accessories can attach to terminals up to 7.6 mm  OD.


The family features five models ideally suited for MRO, HVAC, Test/Calibration/R&D labs, field service repair, or any application that requires a temporary hands-free connection to a test point within a CAT I, II, or III 10 amp test situation. Pomona's offering includes two probe tip adapters, two patch cords and one alligator clip for test lead attachment. The probe tip adapters, Pomona models 6574 and 6575, interface to industry standard 2 mm and 4 mm lantern tip DMM probes. Patch cords, Pomona models 6576 and 6489A, include alligator to alligator and alligator to right angle sheathed banana plug, and are offered with flexible, heat resistant silicone wire. The alligator clip with jack, Pomona model 6573A, will interface to any 4 mm banana plug with safety sheath. All applicable models comply with International Safety Standard IEC 1010 and feature nickel-plated steel clips and Santoprene rubber boots.


Pomona's new CAT III rated flex boot alligator test clips, patch cords, and probe tip adapter test accessory family is one of the broadest offerings available on the market, and provides a comprehensive solution to the previously limited availability of test accessories for CAT III, 1000V test environments. The new offering makes it very convenient for a customer to obtain everything he needs from one source.