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Pomona Electronics new retractable tip test probes offer sharp hardened tips for accessing hard-to-reach test areas without disassembly of parts

Pomona Electronics has introduced two new Retractable Tip Test Probes, Model 5952A and 5953A. These new probe are designed specifically for use in test and measurement of electronic components in tight spaces with limited access, and feature a hardened stainless steel tip that penetrates conformal coatings, paint and oxidation. When used extended, the fully insulated probe can reach into restricted areas, eliminating the need to remove covers or shielding as with standard probes, saving valuable test time.

The durable, 1 mm diameter, sharp stainless-steel tip can extend up to 7,7 cm allowing access to hard-to-reach test points behind structural parts or other components, without having to disassemble any parts. The tip is fully insulated, reducing the danger of short-circuiting test points. The unit’s slim-line profile makes it easy to hold and guide the tip into tight areas. Silicone insulated, highly flexible 1,2 m leads fit most meters including Fluke, Meterman, Agilent, Amprobe, and Greenlee.

Designed for optimum convenience, the probe tip can be fully retracted into the handle for storage protection, reducing potential hazards or injury associated with an exposed tip. The KynarŪ insulated covering over the probe tip prevents shorting against conductive elements. The new 5953A probe meets European standard EN61010, CAT II, 600V. Model 5952A comes equipped with multi-stacking banana plugs that are compatible with all banana plug input jacks.

Supplied as a set of two probes, one black and one red, the Retractable Tip Test Probe Model 5953A and Model 5952A (equipped with stacking banana plugs) are immediately available from an authorized Pomona distributor.

For information on Pomona’s test accessories or to order a copy of Pomona’s Test & Measurement Accessories Catalog 2002, please contact Pomona Electronics Europe, P.O. Box 1186, 5602 BD Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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