Press release: PE 1081-E


Pomona Electronics has introduced a new series of SMD Microtip™ test probe sets offering easy tip replacement without probe removal


Pomona Electronics has introduced a new series of SMD Microtip™ test probe sets offering quick and easy tip replacement without tools. The SMD Microtip™ probe tips are especially designed for making contact on high density chip leads. The new probe has a quick-change chuck that allows the user to change tips quickly and customize the probe for different uses, eliminating the need to keep many different types of probes on hand and improving overall technician productivity.

Designed for use with a wide variety of DMMs including Fluke, Wavetek Meterman, Amprobe,

Triplett and many others with safety sheathed banana jacks, the new models feature an SMD Microtip that has a spring loaded triple-point pogo pin tip. Constructed with a thermoplastic elastomer outer coat, the probes provide a comfortable grip for the hand and a flexible strain

relief where the wire enters the probe. A tough polymer inner body provides strength and durability. The probe body and the plug on the other end are injection molded directly onto the wire for robust pull strength.

The new probe sets can be used with a variety of tips to meet a wide range of test requirements including precision copper alloy tips with hard nickel plating, gold-plated pogo-pin style tips, and sharp stainless steel tips. This versatile customization capability allows the technician to quickly match the probe tip with the test conditions at hand, without having to find another set of test leads. Damaged probe tips can be easily replaced without tools, providing additional ease and convenience for the technician.

The new SMD Microtip Test Probe Sets provide test versatility previously unavailable, by simply changing out a tip, technicians can go from testing a fine-pitch chip lead to making low voltage measurements, without searching for a new probe and they donít have to keep track of separate probe sets.

Models 6469, 6470, 6471 and 6472 SMD Microtip Test Probe Sets come standard with one set per pair and include one black and one red test lead with replaceable tips. Additional replacement tips are available in pairs or in multiples. The probes are available with a wide variety of plug styles to fit virtually any DMM or test application.