Press release: PE 1080-E

Pomona Electronics new wire-piercing alligator clip test leads eliminate the need for insulation stripping and significantly reduce automotive test time


Pomona Electronics introduces a new line of wire-piercing alligator clip test leads suitable for a range of automotive test applications. Designed for use with multi-meters that accept safety-shrouded banana plugs, these new test leads feature wire piercing capability, eliminating the need for insulation stripping and significantly reducing test time. Pomona’s Alligator Clip test leads attach to blade shaped or threaded terminals, screw heads and bare wires, and are ideally suited for automotive diagnostic testing with digital multimeters and for tracking down signals through the firewall and providing access without causing undue damage to the wire or to the bundle.

Available in four model configurations to meet a variety of test requirements including piercing wire sizes from 14 to 26 AWG, the Alligator Clip Test Lead series features a variety of needle styles including a "row of points" configuration, which minimizes wire penetration and reduces the likelihood of wire breakage. Other styles include a single needle type for penetration of heavier wires; a bed-of-nails style for small wire penetration; and a combination bed-of-nails/single needle style for both small wires and single penetration of heavier wire.

All alligator clip test lead styles feature an angled, U-shaped nose for testing blade shaped terminals, serrated teeth for gripping of threaded or wire wrapped terminals, and a notched jaw for easy attachment to screw heads and bare wire or terminals. Banana plug style test leads are available in heat resistant flexible silicone wire in choice of black, red, yellow, green, or blue.

The new Alligator Clip test leads offer the technician significant timesaving advantages. Without these alligator clip test lead, technicians would need multiple accessories including probes, test leads, grabbers and alligator clip adapters, or they would need to cut and splice wire. These new alligator clip test leads completely eliminate cutting and splicing and minimize tool requirements, allowing faster, simpler testing.