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Announcing the first full-line Pomona accessories catalog

The world’s widest range of test & measurement accessories at your finger tips

For the first time, Pomona Electronics is featuring its entire range of test & measurement accessories in the 2002 full-line metric catalog. The world’s broadest range of test accessories covers everything from individual connectors in virtually every size to coaxial cables and connectors and many companion kits for leading test tool manufacturers like Fluke, Agilent, Tektronix and Keithley. New products in the ever-expanding range include SMD grabbers for high-density IC packages, insulation-piercing test clips and safety-rated patch cords (EN61010-2-031 CAT III, 1000V).

In total, over 8,000 products fill the 100 full-color pages. Major product lines include plugs and jacks, digital multimeter accessories and kits, coax cables and connectors, patch cords and test clip, and adaptors. Where necessary, easy-to-use selection guides help users find the most suitable models or kits for specific brands. The accessories can additionally be selected on-line from the Pomona website on from where individual catalog pages and detailed product data can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Applications for Pomona accessories range from test laboratories to field service, plant maintenance, repair and operation. With Pomona accessories, test and measurement professionals will be able to connect any unit under test to their instrument quickly, easily and safely. The new catalog includes many new products like oscilloscope probes, micrograbbers, test clips and patch cords.

Pomona Electronics

Pomona Electronics has the broadest line of test accessories in the world for applications ranging from test labs to field service and plant maintenance, repair and operation and are available through the company’s global distribution network. The Pomona line includes banana plugs, coaxial cables, oscilloscope and DMM probe kits and accessories, IC test clips, boxes, connectors and test leads. For more than 50 years, the company’s innovative design and high quality manufacturing have provided engineers and technicians with tools that keep pace with constantly changing technologies, and meet both UL and IEC1010 safety standards.