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Pomona Electronics introduces Oscilloscope Probes featuring easily replaceable tips for testing of high-density chip leads


Pomona Electronics has introduced a complete line of modular, fine-tip Oscilloscope Probes designed specifically for electronics testing of high-density chip leads. Featuring a spring-loaded replaceable pogo-in tip, the new probes provide the versatility of a wide range of replacement tips with availability from many sources.

Available in 10 model configurations with bandwidths ranging from 30 to 350 MHz, the passive voltage probes can be used for testing with a wide range of oscilloscopes. The fine-tip design overcomes access problems associated with probing high-density circuits. Using a 1.5 mm diameter tip, these probes can reach test points that are inaccessible with larger tips. Modular design allows repair or replacement of either cable or probe head for optimum convenience. Each probe comes standard with full set of accessories, including insulated adjusting tool, sprung hook, BNC adapter, 23 cm ground lead, 25 mm ground adapter, IC tip adapter, tip cover, rigid tip and spring-loaded tip.

The new probes offer users a convenient means of easy tip replacement not previously available while providing choice of either spring-loaded or rigid style tip. The probes also offer the first available pogo-pin tips with passive voltage probes, making testing in high-density circuits extremely easy.

Pomona Electronics

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