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Pomona Electronics Introduces Multi-Compatible, Easy to Assemble Panel Mount Banana Jacks for Custom Test and Measurement Set-Ups



Pomona Electronics Introduces Multi-Compatible, Easy to Assemble

Panel Mount Banana Jacks for Custom Test and Measurement Set-Ups


Pomona Electronics' new Panel Mount Banana Jacks are compatible with virtually all industry-standard banana plugs, including digital multimeter plugs, with or without safety shrouds, providing convenient, hassle-free use. These new jacks are designed for custom test and measurement setups where safety-rated banana jacks are required, and install easily onto plastic or metal panels up to 12,7 mm thick.

The new Banana Jacks are designed to assemble into 12,7 mm diameter holes and are available in two styles. The press-in Banana Jack model 6388 features a straight-rib body and simple press-in mounting from the front side of the panel. The threaded body Banana Jack model 6387 fits both 12,7 mm diameter holes and 1/2" x 28" threaded holes. Featuring a hex bezel that can be gripped with a wrench from the front of the panel, the 6387 is also easily fastened from the backside of the panel with the supplied hex nut. An optional spacer raises the jack 12,7 mm out of the panel, allowing placement where there is limited space.

Both Banana Jack models are available with five different terminal options to accommodate virtually any manufacturing requirement. Terminal types include a solder cup which can also be used as a crimp terminal, a bifurcated cup for soldering, and a solder turret. Other available terminals include threaded studs in #6-32 and #8-32 sizes.


Pomona's Panel Mount Banana Jacks are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including building test and measurement instruments, testing fixtures, and for use in safety lockouts and factory controls. Compliant with an array of recent safety standards including UL-3111, IEC1010 and EN61010, the new jacks are available in ten colors with Tin, Nickel or Gold plating and feature 1000 volt CAT III ratings.



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