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Pomona Electronics offers time-saving Test Companion™ Kit for accurate testing with Keithley Meters

Pomona’s Companion Kit Designed for Electrical Test Environments

Pomona Electronics announces the immediate availability of a new test accessory kit that features different combinations of DMM test accessories for use with Keithley’s most popular meters. The kit is offered with a shoulder pack style Cordura carrying case that can be easily attached to a tool belt and is ideally suited for test environments in plant maintenance, electrical, HVAC, automotive, and field repair.

Test accessories are safely stored in multiple zippered and Velcro-enclosed compartments that also provide convenient, easy access. Constructed from durable Cordura material, the shoulder pack carrying case is designed so that the test accessories can be stored with the meter, ensuring that the proper accessories are available for the required measurement. Ideal for field use with Keithley’s 197A, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2010 Series DMMs, all of the test accessories supplied in the kit are compliant with IEC1010, the latest international safety standard, and many are UL listed.

The new kit offers the customers increased flexibility and convenience. Technicians can be assured that each test accessory in the kit is compatible with the Keithley meter it is specified for. And, Pomona’s broad assortment of accessories makes the technician’s job easier by providing everything that is needed in one package.


Designed to hold and protect the portable Keithley DMM, the shoulder pack style carrying case contains a wide range of accessories including two sets of Kelvin Test Tweezers® to aid in making precision four-wire measurements. Other accessories include Minigrabber®, Micrograbber ®, and SMD ® Grabber test clip leads, a modular electronic probe set with 2 mm (.080") diameter tip, medium alligator clip, flexible test lead set with straight banana plugs, spade lug adapter set, and slide-on extended and IC tip sets.

The new kit answers the need for rugged, reliable, and high-quality test accessories designed for the sometimes harsh test environments encountered by Keithley equipment users. It ensures that technicians have the proper accessories available to test accurately and conveniently no matter where the job may take them.

For more information on the test companion kit for Keithley DMM’s you can order a free copy of Pomona’s 1999/2000 Test & Measurement Accessories Catalog with Pomona Electronics Europe, P.O. Box 1186, 5602 BD Eindhoven, the Netherlands or visit our website at .


Pomona Electronics

Pomona Electronics has the broadest line of test accessories in the world for applications ranging from test labs to field service and plant maintenance, repair and operation and are available through the company’s global distribution network. The Pomona line includes banana plugs, coaxial cables, oscilloscope and DMM probe kits and accessories, IC test clips, boxes, connectors and test leads. For more than 50 years, the company’s innovative design and high quality manufacturing have provided engineers and technicians with tools that keep pace with constantly changing technologies, and meet both UL and IEC1010 safety standards.



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Caption: Pomona Electronics offers time-saving Test Companion™ Kit for accurate testing with Keithley Meters

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