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Free DMM Test Leads offered with Temperature Probe purchases

Pomona Electronics announces a promotion featuring a free set of Pomona’s best quality Comfort-Grip Test Probe Leads for every qualifying Temperature Probe purchase. The program, effective October 1, 1999 and running through February 29, 2000, is designed to promote the company’s new line of infrared and K-type thermocouple temperature probes introduced earlier this year.

Nine different temperature probe models qualify for the promotion, including infrared, air sensor, surface temperature, and general purpose probes with a variety of special tips including heavy duty piercing, long tapered, rounded, and angular piercing. All of the featured probes provide fast and accurate readings for liquid, gas, gel, air and surface temperature measurements. The new K-type probe line is ideal for use with digital thermometers or DMMs with a temperature function. The IR probes will convert virtually any multimeter into a non-contact thermometer.

Thermocouple probes offer measurement ranges from -40°C to +982°C and temperature tolerance of ±2.2°C or 0.75%. Designed to provide trouble free use in harsh environments, several of the probes feature thermoplastic handles for high-impact use. The non-contact probes incorporate infrared technology for temperature measurements in hazardous, easily contaminated or hard-to-reach applications, and feature sheathed banana plugs for use with DMMs offering measurement ranges of -18°C to +260°C or an extended range of measurements from 0°C to +538°C.

Pomona’s broad line of temperature probes provide technicians with the exact tool they need to obtain accurate temperature readings. The temperature probe promotion is implemented to establish Pomona as a recognized resource for these types of test measurement products while creating awareness for the new product line.

To obtain a free Pomona Electronics Test Lead set, users can simply call any Pomona distributor to place their order for a qualifying temperature probe.

(see web site at for nearest distributor).

For more information on the temperature broad line of temperature probes, order a free copy of Pomona’s 1999/2000 Test & Measurement Accessories Catalog, contact Pomona Electronics Europe, P.O. Box 1186, 5602 BD Eindhoven, the Netherlands or visit our web site at


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