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Pomona's Precision Electronic Probe sets a new standard

for accuracy and adaptability

New hand-held Test Probe is designed for tight testing situations

Pomona Electronics introduces the Precision Electronic Probe, featuring one of the smallest outlines currently available. The new probe provides comfort, accessibility and accuracy for surface mount and densely populated circuit board applications in repair and test lab environments. The probe's thermoplastic elastomer outer layer provides a comfortable and secure grip, and the precision electronic test socket is designed for use with a wide variety of tip points, ensuring accuracy for any testing configuration.

Users can replace tips on the Precision Electronic Probe without tools for added convenience and versatility. Pomona Electronics offers a wide range of probe tips in a variety of styles, including the spring-loaded plunger tip which provides a constant level of force on the probe tip. This "pogo-pin" feature prevents the tip from slipping and damaging other components or circuit board traces. Stainless steel tips for penetrating surface contamination, multi-head tips, and extra long probe tips are also available.

The Precision Electronic Probe is smaller than most probes currently available, yet it fits comfortably and securely in the hand. The small design, state-of-the-art materials and variety of tips make this probe a key tool for anyone performing tests on surface mount components or any densely populated device where precision is critical.







The Precision Electronic Probe design is fully compliant with the latest international safety standard, IEC 1010 with Category III, 1,000 volt overvoltage protection. It has a maximum current rating of 3 Amps. The probe is also available in specialty test lead kits designed for specific applications, and can be used with digital multimeters from the major manufacturers.

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Pomona Electronics

Pomona Electronics has the broadest line of test accessories in the world for applications ranging from test labs to field service and plant maintenance, repair and operation and are available through the company's global distribution network. The Pomona line includes banana plugs, coaxial cables, oscilloscope and DMM probe kits and accessories, IC test clips, boxes, connectors and test leads. For more than 50 years, the company's innovative design and high quality manufacturing have provided engineers and technicians with tools that keep pace with constantly changing technologies, and meet both UL and IEC1010 safety standards.


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