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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

Pomona Electronics is one of the world’s leading producers of test accessories. The company was founded in 1948 as a radio and television service company in Pomona, California (USA). In 1951, the company expanded its business to include the manufacture of vacuum tube adapters and changed its name to Pomona Electronics. It was with the very first product that their name became respected by early tv service technicians and engineers. Soon after, a family of quality accessories was developed to answer a variety of commonly encountered problems; these products form the roots of the Pomona product line as it is known today.

Since then, rapid technological advances in electronics have created new testing challenges. Pomona has responded by developing test accessories for both the electronic and the electrical user, and by expanding its distribution network to a global scope. Through periods of accelerated growth, Pomona has maintained its high standards of quality and market responsiveness.

Today, Pomona is considered one of the industry’s test and measurement accessories experts. As a supplier of accessories to the world’s top test instrument manufacturers, the company’s products are recognized as being of the highest quality, dependability and reliability.

In 1998, Fluke Corporation acquired Pomona Electronics from ITT Industries. Operating as a division of Fluke Corporation, the company will continue as Pomona Electronics and serve its customers and distributors directly from both Pomona, California (USA) and its European headquarters in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Pomona’s products are sold worldwide and in 1997 the company had annual revenues of about US$20 million.


Product Offering

For more than 50 years, the company’s innovative design and high-quality manufacturing have provided engineers and technicians with tools that keep pace with constantly changing technologies, and meet both UL and IEC1010 safety standards. Presently, Pomona Electronics offers test accessories for applications ranging from test labs to field service and plant maintenance, repair and operation. The company’s products include banana plugs, coaxial cables, oscilloscope and DMM probe kits, and accessories, IC test clips, boxes, connectors and test leads.

Pomona Electronics’ line of test accessories is available in Europe through officially appointed distributors. Technical and product information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via the world wide web at


New Products For 1999

Pomona continues to lead the industry with products such as their new Precision Electronic Probe, designed for testing surface mount packages on densely populated circuit boards. The probe is small and slim so it fits into tight test spots, yet is comfortable and easy to hold. The replaceable tip allows for installation of spring-loaded pogo-pin tips for even more security on delicate circuitry.

Pomona further expanded its line of test clips with the introduction of a family of Micro SMD Grabber® Test Clips for accessing individual leads on fine-pitch IC’s. For the telecommunications test industry there is the new Tel-Line Tester, which allows the technician to test in two directions simultaneously, in addition to a range of patch cables. Pomona’s selection of DMM accessories is complemented by a new range of temperature products for all types of environments, including an infrared temperature probe for DMM’s with a temperature function.



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